FCN Foundation Global Ambassadors Program

The purpose of the FCN Foundation Global Ambassadors Program (GAP) is to help Alumni of foster care become efficient  leaders in business, education and child welfare sectors in the United States and around the world. GAP plans to accomplish this by placing Ambassadors through a 12-month Fellowship that will assist them in creating and implementing solutions that will improve programming and services for children and youth living in out of home care.

It is the FCN Foundation’s goal to help Alumni of foster care around the world secure social and monetary capital to change their own lives and the lives of young people in out of home placements, globally. 

Benefits of Becoming an FCN Foundation Global Ambassador

  • Through experimental learning Ambassadors will have the opportunity to focus on their individual development by analyzing their internal belief systems, how these systems were created and how they've influenced where they are in life and where they have been unable to reach

  • Ambassadors will be connected with an Alumni Coach that will assist them in developing and expanding their innovative approach to addressing child welfare related issues in their country and communities and who will track their progress and experience in the GAP.

  • Ambassadors will develop a global network of support from individuals who share their foster care/out of home history

  • Ambassadors will have access to each other and share progress and advice through virtual Group Meetings

  • Over the course of the Fellowship, Ambassadors will receive $10,000 of in-kind support towards expansion of their nonprofit/for-profit or program.

  • Ambassadors will be sponsored to attend Annual Global Alumni Powerhouse Networking Conferences to meet FCN Foundation staff and other FCN Foundation Global Ambassadors in person. In 2019, the APNC will take place in the United States (Baltimore, Maryland), June 15h-16th. 

  • -Even after the 12 month GAP, Ambassadors will continue to have access to the FCN Foundation's network of Alumni and will be connected with incoming Global Ambassadors moving forward.

Skills/Experience Needed

  • Have lived with someone other than their biological parents (out of home placement/s) as a child. Some examples include: kinship (with relatives), foster care (strangers), group home, orphanage, boarding school, adopted or equivalent title in their country.

  • Have at least 5 years experience working in or with a child-serving agency/organization in their country/community.

  • Be at least 25 years old and demonstrate an active role in their community.

  • Be proficient in written and spoken English, and posses strong social and verbal communication skills.

  • Possess a strong passion to improve the child-serving systems in their country.

  • A proven record of leadership and accomplishment in the nonprofit, public service, business and entrepreneurship, or civic engagement sectors;

  • A demonstrated commitment to public or community service;

  • The ability to work cooperatively in diverse groups and respect the opinions of others;

  • A demonstrated knowledge and interest in the use of current and future technology to resolve social issues;

  • A commitment to return to and apply leadership skills and training provided as part of the Fellowship to benefit the applicant’s community.

Time Commitment

12 Month Program, Monthly contact with an Alumni Coach and GAP group discussions, Three 2-day Convenings over the course of the 12 months

Selection Process and Criteria

The Global Ambassadors selection process is a merit-based competition. After the deadline, all eligible applications will be reviewed by independent readers. If advanced to the next round, applicants must provide a copy of their international passport or other government-issued photo identification at the time of the interview, if appropriate.

Uploads Required

1. CV/resume

2. Three Letters of Recommendation to be written by:

        1. Two professional associates familiar with your work who can comment on your abilities and potential for growth and leadership (e.g., current or former colleagues, mentors/advisors).

        2. An immediate supervisor with an appraisal of your qualifications. (This may be someone who has recently worked with you in a supervisory capacity.)


2018 APPLICATION PROCESS IS CLOSED. International and U.S.  applicants: April 30, 2018